Life Conversations Over Coffee

Malusi purpleshephard shezi

At Archimus, we are driven by our passion for community development and engagement in various creative pursuits, including architecture, music, and community-based societies. In partnership with LCOC, we are thrilled to introduce 'Life Conversations over Coffee' featuring the charismatic Malusi Shezi, renowned in the creative world as 'Purple Shephard.' This flamboyant and charming philanthropist is dedicated to empowering individuals through a transformative Mindshift, helping them unlock their full potential—all over a delightful cup of coffee.

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Instagram, Twitter & TikTok: @purpleshephard

For bookings, contact us at: +2776 411 3274


Join us in these inspiring conversations that can change lives!"

"Tea Life" with Nompilo

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"Hello and welcome, I'm Nompilo, a name lovingly given to me by my late mother, Nokuthula Mafukuzela Ngubane. In the rich tapestry of isiZulu, Nompilo means 'the one with life' – a fitting prelude to the journey I'm inviting you on today. Embrace a life brimming with vitality through our exceptional Sea Moss products.

Crafted for those who cherish their well-being, our offerings are more than just supplements; they are your allies in nurturing a vibrant, healthier you. With benefits spanning from bolstering your immune system, easing inflammation issues such as arthritis, gout, seasonal allergies, and IBS, to enhancing energy, balancing hormones, and supporting mental wellness – our Sea Moss products are designed to harmonize with your body's natural rhythms.

For the mindful individual who values abdominal health, fertility, and relief from menstrual cramps to managing insomnia, high blood pressure, and more, these products are your stepping stones to a life of enriched health.

Sceptical? We invite you to experience the transformative power of Sea Moss for yourself. As we say, 'uZoz'bona uphila mos...' - 'You will see, you will live indeed.' Dive into the essence of well-being with us and feel the difference in every aspect of your life."

Sea Moss Distributor (Nompilo)

Contact: 27743479368 

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