Welcome to "Archimus BIMVanguard"

"to lead by example"

Welcome to "Archimus BIMVanguard," the forefront of Building Information Modelling (BIM) innovation and advocacy, dedicated to the strategic development of BIM across Africa.

At Archimus, we believe in a clear and deliberate approach to understanding and implementing BIM, emphasizing the necessity of a defined sequence to grasp fully WHAT BIM encompasses. Our mission is to foster inclusivity and promote the principles of OPENPLATFORM-OPENBIM, ensuring that all stakeholders have equitable access to BIM technologies and methodologies. Through "Archimus BIMVanguard," we aim to lead by example, championing the adoption of BIM practices that are not only effective but also sustainable and adaptable to Africa's unique architectural and construction landscape. Join us as we pave the way for a future where BIM is an integral part of Africa's architectural excellence and innovation.

“Meet Key industry players making a significant contribution in the digital advancement and transformation of the Built Environment in Africa”

Agile Business Technology - Bridging the construction and technology gap

"helping you build smarter"

Agile Business Technology, nestled in the heart of Stellenbosch, South Africa, stands as a beacon of innovation and support for the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Operations) Industry throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. As a software consulting powerhouse, Agile is dedicated to transforming the landscape of construction and design through advanced technology solutions. Their expertise spans core construction technology, seamless integration, and pioneering automation tools, all aimed at amplifying process efficiencies for Owners, Consultants, and Contractors alike.

At Archimus, our vision of Building Information Modeling (BIM) development in Africa resonates with the transformative work Agile is doing. We believe Agile's commitment to elevating industry standards through technology is not just commendable but critical in shaping the future of BIM in Africa. Their role in deploying cutting-edge solutions positions them as essential players in our shared mission to drive sustainable growth and innovation within the AECO sector. Together, we stand at the forefront of a movement towards a more integrated, efficient, and inclusive BIM ecosystem across the continent.

bimcommunity africa - We are a B.I.M community for Africa.

"Raising the BIM tide for everyone."

BIMcommUNITY Africa embodies the essence of "ubuntu," a profound African philosophy emphasizing interconnectedness, generosity, inspiration, value, and equality. Mirroring these principles, BIMcommUNITY Africa is guided by a set of core values: Generosity and discretion, Inspiration, Value, and Equality (G.I.V.E). This vibrant community, powered by a distinguished assembly of industry experts and professionals, harmoniously blends academic rigor with practical application, all in the pursuit of widespread BIM adoption across the continent.

At the heart of our collaboration with BIMcommUNITY Africa is a shared vision that transcends vendor allegiances, championing a platform where diverse technologies and solutions converge, empowering members to select what best aligns with their unique circumstances. Our collective strength lies in our wisdom, knowledge, insight, expertise, passion, and readiness to uplift the BIM landscape across Africa as a unified force. Membership is complimentary, underscoring our belief in accessibility and the community's foundation: built by its members, for its members.

As Archimus aligns with BIMcommUNITY Africa, we are not just supporting a community; we are nurturing a movement that started in late 2018. Together, we are committed to transforming the architectural and construction paradigms of Africa through inclusive, equitable, and sustainable BIM practices, honoring the timeless principle of "ubuntu" that binds us all.